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January 22, 2008



hey! i think that was you that show the "weplaythis" site before.

They are working now! yaay \o

Add me there http://weplaythis.com/warchild


David Hayward

I could see some studios having a non-consecutive "days without crunch" counter... but not Relentless :)

"Make it a multiple choice paper, and it's boring. Make it a game, and it's fun - and yet /it's exactly the same content/"

I've been thinking about this since level design first hooked me, and to this day it makes my mind boggle: Games, TV, conversation, writing, design, hypnosis, most things seem to lurk around the question "How do we make things compelling?"


i seem to recall that you kicked MY butt at buzz!.

not that i'm keeping tally or anything.

aleks (krotoski)

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