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December 04, 2007



To be fair to Dell, I'm sure that WoW sticker alone costs $2000.


It could really be worse IMO, the chipped metal shield style is kinda cool. But yes, over priced and shitty overall.

I wouldn't worry about the graphics card though, WoW really really will run on just about anything, 3dfx Voodoo and up. :)


Well true, but if Dell are flogging a nearly-five-grand gaming laptop, you'd usually want to know what the graphics card is, I think!


Actually they do say: "512MB Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® 8700M GT with NVIDIA® SLI®" (under "also includes," which isn't the prominence you would expect the graphics card to have for a gaming rig).


You have better eyesight than I, my friend. Nicely found..

t odaniels

i just bought a dell d600 on craigslist for $85 and a small trade...so far so good...
laptops sure are cheaper these days...
as for gaming leave that to desktops...less heating...

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