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December 10, 2007


Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

3D printing technology is getting *very* interesting. I'd love to know what tech they're using - and I don't think that £50 for a really nice, personalised figure is too bad!

Question - are they going to get stomped by Blizz for copyright issues?


OK, ignore the last question. Their website says "Licensed Blizzard Product" on it.


50 quid for a precise model of your wow character? Bargain. That site is going to get hosed.


... and presumably they can churn them out in mere minutes each. What a business.


I would be way too tempted to do this for my XI avatar if it was available, and I quit that game months ago.

Kill me. Please.


"... and presumably they can churn them out in mere minutes each."

I rather suspect not, based on what I know about 3D printing. Making 3D prints is usually pretty labor intensive- the model files have to be manually worked on to get them in printable shape, since the model format used by WoW can't be used by the printers and the translation process creates artifacts that have to be removed (though they must have streamlined the "cleaning" process quite a bit). The printing itself requires constant attention, and is slow and uncertain as well, so a certain number of "prints" have to be re-done.

If people expect these to be of the same quality as the official (plastic) WoW figures, however, I suspect they're going to be sorely disappointed, since these are essentially blobs of colored powder held together with glue.

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