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December 27, 2007



Interesting although you could argue that girls and boys are playing different kinds of games. If boys are playing games that have heavy story lines and puzzles and girls are playing casual games, they may not need to look up hints.


Bah, there're plenty of cheats for Barbie Horse Adventures... :P

Mr Tom

I would also like to know how many people use "cheap" tactics, like spamming the same move repeatedly. In certain games it can be an easy way to win.

License Farm

That picture looks like it's 25 years old. The TV has a dial and the game on it appears to be some version of "Breakout." I'm half convinced I'm one of those kids.

Of course, all three also appear to be white, which I think also would be an inaccurate representation of the present gamer market, too.

World of Warcraft Hunter Guide

Online games are becoming more and more interesting so kids will be more into them.



I think the online game craze will continue to grow, I don't think it's even peaked. My two nieces are really into online games. Definitely an interesting trend to follow


yeah - but are they playing the same games?


also - are the age ranges the same?

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