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November 19, 2007


Guy P

Wow, the guy in the top left is *totally* "Gordon Ramsay: The Catering College Years!"


This just seems wrong on so many levels. Which isn't to say I wouldn't give it a look if I still played WoW* - I have no qualms about indulging in wrongness.

* - Though I am trying the LOTRO 7-day free trial at the moment and it's actually pretty good. I tried both Eve and Everquest 2 and got bored during the tutorials, but so far LOTRO has proved better than WoW in every respect... except one. WoW was a novel experience (for me) when I first played it, whereas LOTRO is just a polished up version with most of the grind drudgery cut out - there's nothing really new there.


I would have to say that some people have a lot of time on their hands to just play x-box all day. Get a life! Why would you buy some of the things they are selling? I don't get it.

Mr Tom

I had a good roffle at the second guy from the left on the top row.


Em,you're making no sense.

Richard Bartle

I wonder what proportion of the photos of hot female players are actually provided by less than hot male players with access to a search engine?

10 years ago, when players of my text MUD were invited to send in photos of themselves, we got a wide range of photos, some 80% of which did actually reflect what the sender looked like at some stage in their life. The rest were bogus.



This is genius! You already have an immediate market of 3/4 of 7 million players.


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