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November 24, 2007


Cory Doctorow

Oi! No looking at hunky gamer boys while I'm in Vienna!

Fruit Brute

Well, I'm glad to see that they are using real people now! I reported about this site on Kotaku when it very first opened a few weeks ago and by the site owner's own admission, the first images and profiles listed on the site were fakes and that they had lifted model pictures from around the web to "get things started." Thanks for looking into this, Alice! Now the truth can be told!


It sounds like their "ringers" may still be throwing off the statistics a bit. You might get a more accurate survey after a few more months, when presumably all the profiles and images will be of real WoW'ers. I suspect the final site population will end up mostly young, and almost entirely of european and east-asian descent.
On a (slightly) unrelated note, you do know that a "merkin" is a pubic wig, right? Is it the non-rhyming-slang version of "septic"?


Shaddup Cory :)

Fruity, you may be right. I'm only going on profile pages: they could be complete shams, of course.

And bob, aye. Merkins. It's an affectionate term ;)


Just checking. Carry on. ;)

Cunzy1 1

You should tell Terra Nova about this "research". They could really run with it.


HAHAHAH okay okay, so my methods wouldn't stand up under investigation.. :p

Illustrates the point I wanted to make though, dunnit.


I went to the site and randomly clicked on some of the featured users on the front page. Not ONE was a valid link. Each click led me to a 'member was not found' response. Anyone else have the same?

Cunzy1 1

Ha! No indeed but I reckon they would run with it. There was another site like this. Faces of Warcraft?

Suspicious Eastern European hotties. Might be worth investigating further for your second book.


Spark, it seems to be a case of terrible design: if you sign up, suddenly the profiles are readable. Not that you would know from not having signed up and just browsing, which produces, as you saw, stupid error messages.

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