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November 19, 2007



That certainly sounds sensible. I've never thought about the whole online-universe-kids-gaming shenanigans in these terms, but this seems like a very cool reminder that parents should give kids and games a tad more thought than the usual : violence in games makes our kids violent.

This is a reat insight that I, as a parent, am very grateful of!

Ashley McNair

I'm a 16-year-old female, hence the name. I'm a huge gamer, i'm actually on an all female MLG team called bombshells, and we're all extrememly good. College is a different story, I can't seem to get a catch on reality for the gaming industry, i'm i need to know where to get scholarships, information on the right colleges, etc. I've been researching but how trust worthy is the internet? If anyone would send me information, or anything to my email, i would be greatful...sorry for getting off topic.
peace out.

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