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November 02, 2007



I was in the closed and open beta phases. The reason you're barely hearing any buzz about the game is because it's a load of crap. The user interface is horrid. There is no way this is a casual title since it's pretty much impossible to level solo past the initial levels. Check it out and see for yourself. RG fails.

Mr Tom

Yeah, I've heard this isn't even worth trying.


Well... Richard Gariott was my god with the Ultima series, but as many "genius", they can't always be at the top of creation :)
Ultima was 20 years ago, or so...

Anyway, I'll check this new game, to see !

(and... Kikoo Aliceounette ;) )


Seems the press are more interested in "Games designer goes into space" than "Games designer releases new game"...

Seb Potter

Yeah, I completely agree with Lola. I've been playing the beta for a while, and this is by far and away the worst MMO I've had the misfortune to waste my time on.

Yahtzee's review is absolutely spot-on: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/zeropunctuation/2326-Zero-Punctuation-Tabula-Rasa


NCSoft has worked the game hard, offering up interviews with Garriott and parties and events around milestones in the game's beta and gold schedule. They've scored some articles, but the buzz from the player base ain't there. Part of it may be that even a month ago, the beta was still very buggy - the night that I logged on to find my pants missing was a good'un. (We got new pants and $10,000 the next day, after the bug was fixed).

But partly, it's just not that much fun. The game has little sense of place or world - the fact that you're in a "battle" at all times discourages downtime or just enjoying the landscape, and from fabled worldbuilder Garriott, there isn't much world building. You've got second-rate army men yelling "Booya!" type dialogue, and aliens who are tribal and mysterious. The action's kind of a compromise between an FPS and a "stand there and whack somebody" RPG, and that just ends up feeling like dry humping. And stocking up on ammo is a Grade A pain in the ass.

But the problem definitely runs deeper than the actions or mechanics; the place just isn't believable, and I never feel an urge to live there.


Wow. I've read nothing but negativity about this game and it's almost making me want to go buy it to find out how bad the game really is. Perhaps that's NCSoft's marketing plan? If so, it's genius!

Alex Taldren

Yeah, everyone is pretty much right about it being an unimpressive game. I put about 144+ hours into it during 2 months of beta and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it. It lacks the immersive feel that an MMO needs to have. There isn't much functionality to the crafting system. It is like a really washed out and run-down action game. The quests that required you to make choices based on morality were flawed, since most players just picked the option with the better reward.

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. The game was glitchy beyond all belief. It makes me sad because at first, I loved it. Then, after the 15th bazillionth inventory bug/involutnary character wipe... I just left.


At LEAST on rewrite. I'm amazed it's released, but it seems pretty popular already. I guess his name still carries weight.

I tried the beta and it didn't really grab me, maybe it needed more time though.


I've been playing since launch and I think Tabula Rasa is more of a fps feel than mmo, but it has quests that are fair to good, and a crafting system that I won't bother with cuz I hate crafting. Maybe it's more of a thinking person's shoot em up with quests along the way. Each region is pretty much the same, do quests, find logos, do dungeon quests, defend or reclaim the bases, and so on. I myself loath crafting, so the simplicity of the crafting system is fine with me. And while there are several instances where you need a group to do certain mobs and instances, the solo player can still go around and have a good time. Overall, I'd like to see what the future has in store for this game and to be honest, it's a change

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