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November 23, 2007


Mr Tom

Wow, the pre/early-teen girls are going to lap that up I reckon.


The first time I've wanted to comment, and it's about something so lame... chuh

Definitely seems to be a 'social game' rather than an actual *game*, but if you think of it like Myspace/Facebook with an avatar and a house, then that could work, sort of...

From a quick glance at the features page, it looks like you don't actually choose which friend-level people are set at, the game controls it based on how much time you spend chatting to that person...
And one thing that seemed really weird in the trailer is that other people apparently can't see your name until you say it to them, which would surely get confusing at times...

Mr Tom

Is that Fangle as in "I used to visit 4chat" Fangle?


Yeah, that's how I introduce myself at parties :P

Mr Tom

And so you should. Long time... Hope you're well.

Oh and sorry for the comments hijack here :-D

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