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November 08, 2007



Silly stuff like that WoW thing is as good an argument for Virtualisation and VMWare like stuff as I've seen.

Also, a reason you didn't go for the full orange box collection? They're *all* brilliant. And whilst I'm at it, you can get Sam & Max Episode 4 for free on Steam as well! All goodness.

David Hayward

The Orange Box is a great deal, but finding enough time for all the stuff they've shoved in it isn't so easy ;)

That said, it was enough to tempt me into installing Steam again. I felt a bit meh about the non-community versions of old, but now Shift+Tab overlay for chat and being able to join games from the friends list make it utterly excellent.

No end of times I've ended up on random TF2 servers with strangers, then they gradually fill with people from my friends list. 'tis excellent, no more tedious juggling with MSN to coordinate games.


About WoW: I am not sure if this is what you need, but there is a very simple way to get any install of WoW to work with any server.

In the WoW folder there is an aptly named file called "realmlist.wtf". In this file there is a line:
set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com

Simply change this from us. to eu. or vise-versa to play on the us or eu servers.

If you have a US install of WoW you will have to set it to "us" before patching and the same goes for the EU version, then reset it back before playing.

However after the latest patch there are now two lines in the file:
set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
set patchlist us.version.worldofwarcraft.com

My WoW is a US install, but I play on EU servers.
So while I have not tested this new development, this new layout of the realmlist file seems to suggest that it will patch from the US and I can play in the EU.

I suppose that a simple batch script could be written to swap two realmlist files before playing, rather then messing around with two installs.


Thanks Dmitri - that used to work, about a year ago, but they patched against it. Doesn't work any more, to my knowledge.


.. having tried it now, what happens is that I get US / Oceanic only realmlists.

Very odd.


Well the thing is that the little window which asks you to choose the realm list after logging in is somehow graphically hard-coded, so if you use eu in your realmlist.wtf it will still ask if you want to play on US or Oceanic, BUT the realms will actually be european. It's weird, but somehow it worked.

I haven't actually played WoW for quite some time, but I have played with this setup close to the release of BC and that can't have been that long time ago...


I just tested creating a european trial account and logging in. I got the "US and Oceanic" window just as you said, but I simply chose US and lo and behold, there were all the European servers. My install is a US install. So it still seems to work fine :)

James Wallis

Too late on the cake! front--first prize at the London Game Geeks quiz last month (part of the London Games Festival fringe) was a familiar-looking cake, baked by my lady wife.


Dmitri, you jean ass, it WORKS!

I can now delete my stupid second WoW install. Relief.


Okay now I want cake.


There's about a hundred bugs going around right now! Seriously, what is wrong with this country?

I think my opinion on the awesomeness of Portal is universally known, but I absolutely love steam... and was hooked on TF2 for a while until all my friends returned to their WoW crack habits.


Glad I could help :)

In the end this is a testament to the frustration we all share for the stupid continental divide in the borderless world of the internets.

What happened to the "join players from all around the world" slogan that used to be lurking around MMORPGs back in the early days of UO and EQ...

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