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November 22, 2007


Tom Armitage

The BSG gamelet stinks, I thought; as well as being on PC it's on Live Arcade - has been for a few weeks. And it's utter, utter bobbins; 16-player Asteroids/Spacewar with mission objectives is about the best I can describe it.

Waste of a licence, really, but I appreciate that they were trying to do something vaguely interesting and relevant.


Don't tell me you like the TV show, do you ?
I've tried to watch season 1 and after 1 episode I had to go to toilet... It sucks !
(as sucked former one when I was a bit younger...)

Tim E

Razor's about already - it was leaked about a fortnight ago. It's bloody good, as well.


As much as I'm eager and keen to see Razor, I'm just not sure I can bring myself to watch it online (even if I could - I seem to recall the webisodes last year were blocked from UK access) while Ron Moore himself is manning the picket lines outside NBC. It seems inappropriate.


I saw Razor last night and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the new season when they finally get around to making it.

The game is dire trash though. I'm much more looking forward to the Freespace 2 game.

Mr Tom

Sadly series 3 of BSG was a huge letdown for me. I don't mind the politics of the show, but it's a sci-fi show! Where were the Cylons and the space battles for 80% of the series eh? EH?

And the season end cliff-hanger wasn't as good as previous years either.

Oh and that BSG game is disgraceful. The people who made it should be embarrassed and be looking for a new line of work. It really is THAT bad.


I'd totally buy a Battlestar Galactica game if it was X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter, but with Vipers and Cylon raiders. They could set it in the first robot war or something.

That's what we are all imagining when we think of a BSG game right?

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