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November 13, 2007



Please forgive my stupidity, but what's an 'ARG'? :P


Forgive MY stupidity for sticking with acronyms!
I've fixed the post; an ARG is an Alternate Reality Game...


It looks like an ARG for Crysis, the soon-to-be released game from EA. The bit about North Korean military on an island is the hint.


"it's going straight in the bin"

Never put anything in the bin !
Everything can be useful... one day :)
(ask my garage)


John Walker got one as well.


"It looks like an ARG for Crysis, the soon-to-be released game from EA. The bit about North Korean military on an island is the hint."

That is correct. It's just viral marketing for Crysis. I've seen it on a couple other blogs.

David Hayward

Yeah, it's a Crysis viral, and it seems to be generating a universal meh along with a dab of scorn for the appalling writing.

Rock Paper Shotgun got it too:

Dan Hon

I got one. My parents got it, they must've picked up a mailing address from my DNS WHOIS. It freaked them out a bit.


Ah, thanks!

Looks like it might be turning into an 'FMP' - 'Failed Marketing Ploy'. ;)


Dear me, what a mess! :)


I bet the poor game designer who's budget for sending a SIM with actual money in it was cut is pulling his hair out reading this. :)


At least it's not as bad as the infamous failed PSP viral campaign...yet!


Make sure to extract the numbers from the SIM card into your contact list.

Mr Tom

And after I went to all that trouble sending it to you Crys. Do you realise how hard it was for me to get your address?


OK, that's all a lie, I admit.


Yeah, I realise I may be upsetting who's in charge of this, and all, but sending something quite so dodgy-looking to my work address - where all manner of evil stuff is sent on a regular basis, it's a natural target - well, it didn't fit happily :)

Eric the Red

"ugh! What's in the envelope!? Anthrax?"

this seems like a natural reaction? I must be terribly old fashioned or overly trusting. Or somebody has been watching too much TV.


"ugh! What's in the envelope!? Anthrax?"

Right, that would be due to the highly secretive work you do for the CIA then?


You're running an ARG and this is the trailhead. I claim my 5 quid.

Sudden Device



Damnit, rumbled.

Meanwhile, Kotaku has picked up on this, and it seems most of the commenters there think that we a) genuinely thought it was anthrax and b) put it in the bin for the cleaners to take away.


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