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October 03, 2007



Heh, don't know whether I should laugh or cry.... I bet the next one in the series will be Imagine: Horsiez! :D


Cry, definetely.
Imagine: bullshit! Comes in cute pink wrapping, because that is what women and girls want.
Bugger all this "making games of good quality with interesting stories" - why bother when you can make money with cheap, awful games just as well?
Then again: If Galliano did "Dior Fashion Show Inferno" for Nintendo DS, i'd buy it.


I totally agree with your point about the lack of imagination. Trying to find games for my five year old daughter I get faced with the same dilemmas - she's not into fairy-frock-pony-peaches and neither is she into alien-gun-fun - and she's more inclined towards the wii play mini-games - some sort of legend/mini-games woudl be the thing - with a social aspect as well.


Wonder why all the babyz on the