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October 09, 2007


Joost Schuur

I think Valve are conveniently using numbers that set them apart here. They did this before several years back, when they compare their data to the number of people playing Friends.

Hardcore players will play for more than 60 minutes, so 'viewer (times) minutes' can easily be greater, since there's no cap on the length a person might be playing a game, whereas 30/60 minutes is the natural cap on a TV show.

You want to compare a game's viewer minutes with the total number of shows' viewer minutes played in that same time period.


That's a good point, that television shows are capped, and gaming isn't.

But then again, from an advertiser's point of view, a captive, attentive audience is what they're after.. so if games can keep attention for a long time, that can only be a good thing in their eyes.

Damiano Vukotic

This is a dynamite stat for the traditional forms of media like TV commercial production and worrying for traditional content production but will people just watch TV, play games, IM, email etc at the sametime? Read a stat recently that said more technology in the home, the more TV was watched or just left on in the background? When the (appropriate demo) brands realise this amazing fact, as Toyota is beginning to, it's going to be fascinating to witness how it's going effect my industry (traditional commercial production and yr sis). Why in the UK are we making traditional commercials more than ever? Will all these different fragmented channels survive? Visiting a commercial TV channel who are top of the long tail of digital TV in UK they claim the fragmented audiences are coming back to the established branded trusted channels and deserting the new niche digital channels. I don't know who to believe now but the meshing of games, branding and some form of usefulness or entertainment is clearly the way forward. Interactive and not passive anymore.

Damiano Vukotic

Read this Alice

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