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October 25, 2007



People are already doing bloody cool performances just using the PC keyboard so we might see some extra impressive stuff now. Maybe even bands? Or would latency screw that up?

I suspect this is something where I'll just watch the best YouTube videos rather than taking part (the trial didn't really grab me), but still, good stuff!

Tom Reynolds

If I recall correctly I think Raph said exactly that thing, being asked what would happen if they played copyrighted music.


You can connect a midi keyboard (with some software) if you wish, the game has the ability to play song files (abc notation) directly and the latest patch added the ability to play chords.


Oops, I also wanted to add the new feature that synchronizes players together so they can all play the same song at the same time, provided they all have the same song file in their "Music" folder. It's done by forming a group, all the musicians queue up the same song and the leader starts it off.

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

Re lag - apparently it's actually possible to write music that expects and incorporates lag into its playing. Andrew Hugill, the Director of the Institute of Creative Technology at De Montfort University (the guys who hosted the Machinima Europe festival) has done some work on this, in what he calls the "Internet Orchestra".

Mr Tom

Heh, I like the way the video seems to suggest this is THE reason to get LOTRO.

If it is... Then something has gone wrong :-)


No it doesn't mean anything has gone wrong. It means something has gone right.

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