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October 28, 2007



Thanks for a wonderful introduction to Takahashi's presentation, it was the simple soft touch it needed, showing how loved and inspiring the game has been rather than the disection of gameplay that it could have been. Fitted the mood really well :D

It was wonderful to see the game flow infront of our eyes, as well as his simple point of 'look around you'.


It was an amazing presentation, very playful and like his games totally different to the 'norm'. I hadn't realised you were going to be doing the introduction, which was awesome. Two heroes for the price of one. Thank you.


Aww.. thanks ! Blushing now.


Really enjoyed all the presentation, from Alice's intro (love the Katamari hat) to the bit about growing a plant to annoy a neighbour through to the glimpse of Nobi Nobi Boy.


Neat writeup, and I did enjoy the introduction which you went through Katamari Damacy's cultural heritage. Thumbs up on you and Keita!

I'll try and get the video out eventually, although the Nottingham Evening Post ( http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=252985&command=newPage ) got a quick one of the prototype in action, it's fun seeing the talk from end to end (I wish you had put up the picture of the "End Boss Bunny" :D ).


thanks for a great write-up, meant i could just link yours rather than having to write my own! your pics are much better than my rubbish camera phone ones too ;) not sure how to get trackback to work so here is a link to my blogpost: http://omegazoid.blogspot.com/2007/11/game-city-and-other-such-fun.html

was ace to meet you too, i'll echo what elsa said :) and much love for the craft stuff in the intro too!

p.s. if elsa is still reading - get in touch, i forgot to get your email address! :)

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