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October 11, 2007


Melissa Della

No way, Alice. My city will completely own yours. ;)



Alex Taldren

Wright seems to enjoy making games based on things that don't really exist. For example, the theory of evolution with Spore and now global warming with Societies! What's next?

LOL. I can't wait for these games. ;)


Alex.. evolution is proven. Global warming is proven. Evidence against either is merely faith-based.

Alex Taldren

I know... that was my obviously poor attempt at being funny. I need to work on my delivery! If only you could have heard me say it.


I thought Wright had nothing to do with this version?
Development is no longer with Maxis/EA, it was outsourced to Tilted Mill.
Still, the signs seem promising. I'm looking forward to this.


Heheh okay Alex, I was like.. uhoh .. :)

And yeah, nectarine, pretty sure it's gone out of the door, but it's nice to see the ethos go with it.

Tom P

Does anyone else think that there's potentially a bit of a problem when companies with vested interests in certain areas (i.e. BP with global warming) are involved in the production of games that are ostensibly educational? Clearly BP are going out of their way at the moment to convince everyone that they're a really great company and they care and everything but I'm not sure I want that impinging on my relaxation time. In game advertising is one thing but when a corporation is involved in designing the fabric of the games reality I feel a little uneasy.


Societies is a complete inversion of the Sim City formula; no longer do you labor to build your city, and watch the results of your nurturing on the city life; now you tweak the nature of your society and watch as this impacts the structure around it.

EA claims to have asked itself, "what is the difference between Paris and Mecca?" and found the answer to be in the very essence of the people. Since the founding of the series, Sim City has served as a tool and game for playing with the ways in which environment effects growth. Now it is being twisted to show how the nature of people, say their "obedience" quotient, effects their growth.

It's not hard to see how a massive oil conglomerate, desperate to shift blame and attention away from its structural failings, would sign on for a project that points the finger at human nature.



Well sod that, then.

Mr Tom

Am I the only person to actually enjoy building complete shit-holes? High crime rates, poor infrastructure and failing public transport. It was like visiting London without ever leaving my own house.


I'm putting Carbon Emissions into the next version of Democracy (http://www.democracygame.com) together with all kinds of related issues, airline fuel taxes, car usage etc. And amazingly I'm doing it without any *help* from an oil company.

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