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October 30, 2007


Mr Tom

Peggle for the ultimate win!


hey - I'm a bloke, and I play casual games!

But then, i always was in touch with my 'casual' side..

Alex Taldren

I'd say I play more "hardcore" games than casual ones, but I wouldn't be ashamed to admit I love casual games.

Puzzles Pirates is a fun time waster. :)


I got totally hooked on Peggle Extreme while I was waiting for Portal to be released. I almost bought the full game, but then the rest of the Orange Box came out and I was drawn back to blowing sh*t up again. ;)

Zero Punctuation did a wonderful episode on Peggle a little while back. http://tinyurl.com/3zwuj


My brother and his flatmate love Peggle!


Just noticed that I tinyurl-ed the firefox search page. Oops! This is what I meant to link: http://tinyurl.com/yuhmwr


Peggle is fabulous - and PopCap were really clever to use slo-mo and stadium cheering sounds for the near misses/jackpots. Totally inspired, that.

Seb Potter

I'm completely addicted to casual games. Popcap are basically just exploiting people like me who feel compelled to have "just one more go".

Splume (http://splume.flashbangstudios.com/) is the latest to get its hooks into me.

Jim Greer

It's a good point - Kongregate is about 85% male, for instance. Pogo has a lot of men on it, too. To be fair, the Pogos and Popcaps of the world focus on their female customers more because they are better customers. They pay for things at a much higher rate. Club Pogo subscribers, for instance, were over 70% women when I left (used to be Tech Director there).


Have you seen the new tv ad (UK) for Nintendo DS?

There is a lady having her hair done, and playing animal crossing... and the slogan: games for girls.


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