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August 29, 2007


JC Fletcher

I'm a horror game fan entirely because of Silent Hill. SH2 is some of the best storytelling in any adventure game, and gets at some pretty deep fears of mine (and everyone's).


Project Zero 3 is a bit rubbish really. Mind you, I never really got along with the first one.

System Shock 2 still stands out for me as the scariest game. Bioshock doesn't seem as scary, but the first time I went up against a Houdini Splicer was nerve-wracking.

Michaël Samyn

It's funny that you mention agency as a crucial element to horror. After a first prototype, we redesigned The Path to remove agency wherever we could. We felt that it was giving too much control and power to the player, while the horror in our story comes from having none.

But then again, you play a little girl in a forest with strange men. And not some hulking marine boy.


I keep telling people that the horror genre is the best thing out there for games, and everyone agrees; mainly because they're all too scared to play them. They make you feel absolutely alive, I feel theres no other genre out there that can affect you as much as horror.

Miguel Young

have you ever played Haunting Grounds?
its a fine horror title, with a good dose of creepy laden moments for your shivering pleasure

haunting grounds gamespot review

Michaël Samyn

The reason why horror games are good is because they are more about content than about gameplay mechanics. Something many game designers could learn form.

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