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August 10, 2007



"drinking from the firehose" is pretty common vernacular at places like MS and Intel. usually used to refer to the information overload that new employees get during their first weeks.


It is intriguing to see EA -- a large company that has some interest in seeing game consoles stay closed systems -- is embracing user-created content in games. Because getting user-generated content on consoles is a crucial stepping stone to having the console makers stop being "gatekeepers" and allowing anyone to develop games for their hardware. Its coming very, very slowly.

Neil Oughton

There is nothing virtual about the ticket price. Serious types only I guess.


That is pretty wicked, actually. Never heard it before, thanks!


It sounds good, until you realise it's EA. The same EA that said the other week that there's not enough originality in games.

15 years of FIFA...
18(?) years of Madden...
Me too games, and carbon copy sequels...

EA, walk it don't talk it.

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