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August 14, 2007


Peter Childs

It could be this is the first part of a new marketing plan based around the product promise “We own it – and everything it touches”.

Or it could be the dumbest thing a Division director ever said.

Either way it seems the soul of the Root-Kit is alive and well at Sony.


FYI, I worked at SCEE a few years ago, and the PS2 online stuff we were doing then is similar to this.

So basically...

They know where you live because you gave them your address when you registered the console. (I have no idea if they have any way of being certain the address you entered is true. When we were sorting PS2 out, the idea was that when you entered your address, you got sent a copy of Hardware: Online Arena, so there was an incentive to use the right address. Not everyone did, mind.)

I'm assuming they're using the MAC address to identify the PS3 hardware.

I was in this presentation (at EIF) and Peter was using this example to talk about the absolute extreme of dealing with online griefers. I don't think this is something they'd do casually.

Just between us, mind you, I don't think there's been an awful lot of thought at SCE given to just how they will deal with problem customers. I asked the same questions at an internal presentation months ago, and basically got the same response.

Which is sort of like saying "Well, if you insult our nation on TV, we can respond by nuking you off the face of the Earth". Maybe a bit of an over-reaction....

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