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July 16, 2007



Without knowing much more than what you posted, I don't think they are equating females with casual. They just find that casual games open up the audience. Instead of continuing to fight EA for the regular market, which is predominantly male, they want to go after the larger pie.

Perhaps instead of making games that appeal to everyone in the hopes that more females play them, they are directly going after females. I don't know how well that will work, but if it does, Ubisoft has positioned itself to be the provider of video game entertainment to "the other 50%" of the potential market.


Can someone show me this research that says the games market is predominantly male?

The ESA stats, the BBC work, the IDF stuff I had, everything I read, says the market is about 60-40 m/f at worst, and sometimes (age wise) more like 52-48.

I imagine console titles perform a bit less well with females, but again, all my examples, the girls are playing racing games, adventure, lara, ratchet & clank, katamari, etc.

Seriously, can someone point me at something that says the games industry is in fact mostly male? I'd love to see where this stuff comes from.

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