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July 10, 2007



All I know is that it was a client-side hack. That's all I've got for you though.

Michael W.

Slightly OT,
form Retro Thing a few days ago...

"Saxophonist Boots Randolph passed away a few days ago. While he made a career of playing with the likes of Roy Orbison and brass-man Al Hirt, the world will forever remember his 1963 instrumental novelty hit "Yakety Sax".

Even if you don't recognize his hit single by name, you likely know it very well - especially if you've ever seen more than five minutes of The Benny Hill Show. Hill would often drop "Yakety Sax" into his frenetic silent movie-like sketches, and very frequently used the tune as his closing music while being chased by barely dressed lovelies...."


From what I read, they used a teleport hack to get the gnomes high in the air in the locations they wanted, then when the gnomes fell they died.


Yeah, there are ways you can hack the client (not that I know how!) and enter an exact x, y coordinate to move your character.

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