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July 17, 2007



uhm, galactic civilizations? theres that whole range of caesar/pharoah games.

How about dwarf fortress? i've been tempted to play that lately.

Allen Varney

Never... played... Civilization? Huh?

"I love this German classical music -- Hummel, Raff, Karl von Dittersdorf! I hear there's some guy named Beethoven, anybody know anything about him?"


Heheh, I know. I maxed out so much on the AoE set that I thought maybe it was all much of a muchness. I was hoping for something a bit different, too - warfare is okay, but I do love aliens/demons/buildings.

But I do realise I'm missing out on a classic.


I love resource-management as well, although my tastes tend towards real-time strategy and combat games: Company of Heroes, C&C3, even Advance Wars DS when I'm in for something a bit older and more portable. Something more thoughtful though...perhaps Overlord?


If you haven't played Civilization then pick it up! I haven't played the most recent one, but its predecessor kept me at bay for hours.

Seb Potter

It's not pure resource management, but Overlord is looking to be my next purchase - sort of DK meets Pikmin.

Rob Stevens

It's not new, but if you never got a chance to play it, you owe it to yourself to play Evil Genius. Loaded with style, it's pretty much Dungeon Keeper, except that you're a James Bond-ian-type arch criminal. It's insane amounts of fun, but it's the style that really puts the game over the top.


Overlord is more pikmin than dungeon keeper - the only resource you really manage are your minions, but it's GOBS of fun.

Michiel Kemeling

Evil Genius really was quite good. Didn't keep me interested long, but worth checking out. I'm sure there's a demo available somewhere.


Stronghold (1 and Crusaders) was a great mix of micromanagement (à la Settlers) and strategy.

City Life was an interesting variation on the SimCity concept, and had some ideas close to SimCity Societies (obviously). It isn't That great, for some reasons, but still nice (and cheap!).

Theme Hospital is an oldie, but maybe the funniest i've ever played. It also gets a bit boring after a while.

Galactic Civilization is great too ! But, like Civilization, it's more about macromanagement than micromanagement.

Voilà !


Go out and buy the Starcaft / Starcraft: Brood War set. Certainly one of the best RTS / resource management games I've ever played.


If you can stand roguelike 'graphics', there's this incredible freeware game called Dwarf Fortress.

It's all strategy... it's like Dungeon Keeper crossed with The Sims.

You mine stone and ore, you cut down trees, you build workshops to make goods, and it's all tied together to make a healthy fortress.

Then the goblins attack...

the depth is this game is astounding...

It's still in alpha:


http://www.travian.com/ is pretty good, addictive and very slow :)


Civ IV. Go get it. Now.


Too late - I got Overlord coming!

Thanks for all the great suggestions :)


Let me know if you like Overlord. I played the demo and, while it was fun, couldn't figure out how long the minion-controlling fun might last past the first hour.

It also seemed quite linear, but I wasn't sure if it was just because I was playing the tutorial-style part at the start.

Jurie Horneman

Anno 1701. I played the US version till 2 AM or so, and I am usually very picky with games.


Thanks for this post; I've been looking for the exact same kind of game.

Startopia and Dungeon Keeper (1 and 2) are favorites of mine. In fact, I just reloaded and replayed Startopia a few months ago.

For anyone else like me who is looking for games like this, I also recommend Command & Conquer. I'm not sure if the last version, "Generals," or the most current version, C&C 3, is my favorite - but both are hours and hours of fun.

Travian lover

thanks for all the great suggestions
by the way i love travian. i guess it has many fans.its recently becoming very popular.


Nice list, I've never played Evil Genius or Startopia, so am off to acquire them now - looking forward to hours of play. Cheers all!

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