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June 27, 2007



Congratulations! That sounds terrific!

neil h.

Hurrah! That sounds like a fantastic job - congratulations!


Thanks guys :) I'm looking forward to it..

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock


"Make Trouble". Now that's a darn good mission.

Good luck. I'll be interested to see what you come up with.



That sounds like terrific news! Best of luck on the new horizon...

Trevor May

That's awesome news, Alice. Good luck! I'm going to be doing something very similar very soon. :)


Damnit, you get all the best gigs. Best of luck. ;)



(Stay in touch, F. )


Hi Alice, i think you've got one of the most fantastic job i've ever heard of (that kind of jobs fairly exists in mexico.. if any)

So Congratulations Alice, i think you got the job because you really love what you do, and i can see that every time i read your blog ñ_ñ.

Well, that's it!, if you ever want to visit Mexico, i'll be glad to tell you about the best places to visit beside Cancún or Acapulco beaches, OK? ;) , there's my e-mail

So take care girl, and sorry for the mistakes... jaja

See ya!!!

-Rogelio Ariza


W00 and indeed 00t. Marvellous, marvellous news - about time C4 starting making the same kind of trouble in the online space that it's been doing in its publicity and programming. There's some fun ahead, I'll be bound...

blue cat

Congratulations! You might be a bit thrown by Horseferry Road though, a bit smaller than than TV centre, and only about twelve people in there at any one time...

Andy Wilson

Congrats, so glad to hear the news, and that you're off to really stir up a storm in C4, after doing a good job of it at the beeb.

Hope it all goes well

Andy Wilson


Welcome to the gang...


Just found your little blog>> you seem to have gone a long way with your moderate quake skills :)


Hahah dd! How the hell are YOU!


Very well thanks tips:) nice yo see you are doing well.

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