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May 19, 2007



I'd be happy if they put more hair options in the Wii channel.

Tim Lefebvre

Some people honestly need to grow up. "I got a crazy idea guys... boobies!" like honestly, get a girlfriend, go out in the world, and step away from your wii/computer if this is the best you can come up with.

Anne Packrat

Amusing. The willy looks to be a nose option of some sort.

Internet Spoilsport

It is I, the Internet Spoilsport, with an important announcement!

Ahem. (ripping open envelope, reading)

This design is not possible in the Mii Channel. Neither of those features can be moved that far down. As if!

My work here is done! I vanish back into the shadows from whence I came! (leap)


Damn you Internet Spoilsport! Spoiling our fun!

/shakes fist

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