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May 02, 2007



Maybe Digg will learn from this - you shouldn't mess with people with nothing better to do.

Dave Rickey

Digg founder surrenders to the revolution, promises to fight to the death against whatever the HD-DVD consortium throws at them:



Dave Rickey

Oh, note the title of his blog post. Might as well be damned for a sin of commission.



Wild. That's digital revolt. I like it in a funny way.


Diggs quality has sank as it grew in popularity. Inevitable with a lot of social network sites, but i still really like it.

Ugh. If digg gets sued into oblivion because a bunch of spoiled brats insisted on super cool teenage rebellion...

I understand that its a social site, but thats a sad end to a website.


Eeh, I'm not sure you can classify everyone there as a bunch of spoiled brats.. it's funny how we market so much to teens, and yet they have the least disposable income. Most of them can't afford HD-DVDs, let alone the players, I'd wager.

Amazing post by Kevin Rose.


A little late to this party, but I believe Digg (eventually) did the right thing (by siding with the users). This is just history repeating and the loser here is DRM the way I see it.

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