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May 21, 2007


Iris Ophelia

Oh fashion advice for SL is out there~! ^^
Secondstyle.com Is the SL equivalent of Vogue, complete with a daily updated blog at blog.secondstyle.com
www.LindenLifestyles.com and www.styledisorder.com are also great sites.
That failing, drop me an IM and I'm glad to help. ^_^

Licentious Maladay

Hey there!

There are TONS of fashion resources for Second Life. Our fashion blog http://MODAFashionSL.blogspot.com/ has a comprehensive list of the other bloggers, designers and fashion sites.

Check it out! You might even decide to become a fashion model!

Licentious Maladay
MODA Modeling School

TheDiva Rockin

Oh, and incase you were wondering what NOT to wear - http://slfashionpolice.wordpress.com

(shameless plug)

Sarra Foggarty

There are tons of places to look for fashion, store blogs, second life e-zines, blogs solely about fashion, you name it. Blogging is a natural outlet for many second lifers!

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