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May 14, 2007


Account Deleted

I usually get Edge at Borders or Barnes & Noble.


Yes, you should have no problem finding Edge anywhere in the US. I've seen it at borders and B&N as well, but also any big magazine shop will have it.


Good issue this month, although they're in full-on grumpy bastards mode for the reviews.


Did you manage to find a copy? If not, email me your postal address and I'll send mine over.


An international sub should be pretty cheap.


Aw thanks folks, and Foe - don't worry.. hold onto it for me, I'm over in June. We're going out for drinks :)



been reading this mag for a couple months now, loving it, just bought another copy today but haven't gotten around to reading it.

working at b+n i get the chance to read it when its a slow day though so I should be catching up tomorrow (or so i hope).

but ya, b+n has it, for 12.99 i think it runs. I know the "FILE" edition was that the last time.


FILE is actually £8 per issue. It's a large "best of" collection of old issues covering a certain year. EDGE is actually £4.50 (I think, I subscribe and can't be arsed going across to the other side of the room to check :-)

Alice, a quick question - what actually would be the point of levelling up with your day to day usage of your PC? Or was the prototype only interested in the how and not the why?

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