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April 10, 2007



Well, the keyboard bit fits inside the standard controller, in the slot that the headset takes (see the 'headset extender' on the bottom of it so if you can hold a controller and imagine typing on it with your thumbs then that's it. Or find a Danger Hiptop (T-Mobile Sidekick) and type for a bit on that.

Or just plug in a USB keyboard!


Yes, I think it's actually fairly small. In that photo it's plugged into the bottom of a standard controller, so it's supposed to be for typing with your thumbs I suppose (you know, like the kids and their crazy text messaging, etc.). Still, I'd imagine it would kind of get in the way when you're in the midst of a game, so maybe you're meant to just detach it at those times.


The problem with detaching it at those times is that the standard headset doesn't work with it - so you have to use the one included with the keyboard.

So imagine being halfway through a chat/multiplayer game and detaching your headset, attaching the keyboard, attaching and putting on the other headset, typing to reply to whatever, then taking it all off again and attaching the old headset. It would be a bit annoying after a while I would think!


Heh - I wonder if you could do WASD control for first person shooters...


Cor, that would so get me playing Halo! I can't be dealing with thumbsticks after 7 years of Quake on a keyb.

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