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April 17, 2007



Thanks for the codeSHIFT1 This site is a bit sluggish but it seems to be using some CRAZY dhtml, the pop up messages about who is bidding on your questions and who is joining is off the hook!


Anyone got another code to get into this site 'sugar' doesn't work anymore?

Miguel Young

Could you please give away another code? all the better if you send it only to me :D

i got really curious about the UI, and since i´m a worker in the media (that already worked in similar projects, but dont tell anyone ;)), it would be really nice if i could check out whats so great about the interface

thanks! ;)

Brandon Titus

Try the code GIGA. I don't believe you can signup with it, but it will allow you to see the site.

Miguel Young

nice! thanks, brandon ;)


Bah, I tried the GIGA Code but NoScript hammered the site, they are doing some iffy stuff with their redirects which killed my interest in checking it out. Report back with more details! :)


Has anyone got a code for this?
It seems like a fascinating way of narrowing people down. Is there much writing on sociological divisions of how people play?

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