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April 21, 2007



That is shocking, especially considering the variety of Barbie's friends on sale these days. However, spare a thought for those of us with ginger hair who can't even make a Mii to look like us, let alone have our very own Barbie lookalikey.

rach =)


Is that four variations on Caucasian? White, white, peach, pink? Very nice.


Basically, yes. Outrageous, isn't it?


Or you could join The Barbie Club in Second Life and do much, much more.

brielle ross

hi i am brielle and i luv my family and friends i am 5 years old and i hope that i make many friends and i am a nice girl!!!


hi im shannon


i really like taht.it rocks.but i can't find my friend we are having a chat at my computer and dictating each other where to go but we can't still find each other??


Ummmmm............My Oppinion Is That U Should Really Create A BarbieGirl Account.It Is A REALLY fun Virtual-Place.But U Don't Have 2,Just An Oppinion


i was talking to my cousin on the phone and she told me about this webdite so i got on. but we cant find each other.

cheyenne  sanders

I try to my friend from school then I try to find her but i just could not find her at all.


i dont know what a 'Barbie Girl' is!If u know what it is,plz tell me cuz i want a black and pink hair style and it won't let me get it cuz it said I need a barbie girl,whatever that is.It also won't let me say my age,my fav singer,my style goth,and I can't use everyday words like come,get,or shut up.If they are going 2 fix stuff,they better hurry up or I am goona tell everyone that it's a bad website!


it always says whoa girl we are getting a
ton of visitors right now but when nobody
is on it says your session is over please
sighn in again but it does not stop.


This game stinks. The Barbie Girl device is way too expensive and a waste of money. I cant even chat with my friends online cause I cant find them on the darn thing!!


I dont have a persin.


ummm...I just saw this wesite last week and its so interesting...But...for the improvemnt of this website you should stock some of this barbie girls MP3 to he philippines cause i heared some filipinas and filipinos in the philippines wants to have that barbie girls MP3 so they can hear pretty musics and to visit that website and unlock some special items...cause many filipina girls wants to be a special fashion designer..but...i appreciate this website..please stock some of this MP3 in the philippines so we can buy some..this is my message to the creator and stuffs...keep up the good work..!!!


it s better than ty girlz.com cause in ty girlz.com we have to buy a doll first so we can regiter...but here no..but..if you want to try that website you have to buy a doll..only in canada & unitedstates only available but i tried to contact the creator of ty girlz and i requested that bring it to other country like philippines..you can visit ty girlz.com in this address:www.ty.com


this game is rilly fun


hi, I'm Czarina, pleased to meet you all, how are you all anyway? I'm from the Philippines, well, nice avatar, it's clothes fits with it's skin and hair since it's all dark, who wants to be friends with me? I'm new here so I don't have any friends, anyone out there to be my friend? who has yahoo messenger account?


bonita linda cariñosa y tierna


bonita y linda


hey this website has boys that dont talk to you why is that. And the other day this person said that she is a boy . that person said they want to have sex with me.


what is this website all aBOUT ALL YOU DO IS SHOP AND Talk to other people who can be sometimes mean. Why cant i go to any of my friends house . when i click on rooms none of my friends names are on their.


Hahahaha, these comments are comedy GOLD!


dont let it say we will be back soon..


this site is really cool! you should goin!right now,i did!meet friends,play cool games,and design your own room too!


this site is really cool! you should goin!right now,i did!meet friends,play cool games,and design your own room too!

latavia jackson

i love it


why does BarbieGirls BETA always busy to improve the site?! I want to play again! it is almost five days you know?! everyday I go in and nothing happens! please turn it back! it's so unfair! the session will only get to be 2 or 3 days, and the busy-improving-the-site days would be almost up to five days?! it's so unfair!


oh, and plus, when I go to the rooms in the map, it says that there are no rooms available! for goodness' sakes! I have many friends and they don't have rooms?! ugh! this site is definetly posted in a link that isn't done yet! I just know the site isn't done yet!!!! it's so unfair!!!


and one more thing! when I went to www.tygirlz.com, I clicked the word new member, so, when I got in, it says that I have to have a secret code! and then, when I saw my secret code, it's all X! eight X! like this! "XXXXXXXX"!!!!! and when I entered the code, it says that I entered the wrong code! I checked 27 times!! is there something wrong with this site?! I can't register! because when I entered the code, it says that it is incorrect! I've been trying so many many times! what is wrong with these sites?!!!!!

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