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March 22, 2007


Robert 'Groby' Blum

1040EZ is about 2 pages. If your taxes are any more complicated, you might just want to hand it to an accountant. (If you need a recommendation for an L.A. accountant, let me know)


Hehe, believe it or not, we have a system in place in Finland whereby most people are automatically sent a proposal for the yearly taxation to their homes, based on the income reports by the employers. If you're happy with the proposal, you don't need to do _anything_. The government has been willingly giving me money back for the past four years so I've been a happy camper with the way the taxes have been proposed. :)

People who have irregular taxation still need to file stuff yearly, although you still do get the base paperwork done automatically and sent to your home.

Oh and get this - people don't anymore need to send in the receipts they're filing either. However you're mandated to keep the receipts for five years in case the taxman wants to check your paperwork.

Seb Potter

All Second Life needs now is a decent approximation of Death and it will be just as mundane as real life.


The US tax system ate my driving licence.


And now the American evangelical online "church," Lifechurch.tv has a Second Life presence, so the full range of real-world mundanity (and stupidity) has been achieved, as I imagine they'll spend a lot of time talking about death. Or at least a lot of time preaching against porn.
I'm not sure if the furry-sex and penis-blizzards will send them packing, or cause them to spend more time in SL.


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