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March 05, 2007



Cheat, you posted before the Q&A finished. :)

I think the torque one was noticably stuttery, I'd rate it a little lower. But... I've heard great things about it as an engine and dev environment, so it might be chalked up to a quick dev cycle (they stuck strictly to 8 hours of intern time to make it supposedly. :) )


Right. 8 then. Roger that.


The Torque offering was done entirely in <8 hours, and using TorqueScript. Part of the clunkyness is a result of using TorqueScript for everything to show that you can, in fact, make Ricochet in 8 hours, with our tools, and no C++ coding.


Nice, Pat! I wonder if the other engines can make such claims.

It was a good showing.

Seb Potter

I'm a TGB (and TGE & TGEA) licensee, and think it's just about the best development platform I've worked with. (With the exception of documentation which can often be a bit out of date.) The work GG are doing with the XNA framework really puts them at the vanguard of Indie publishers.

Just one thing though - the license for TGB at $100 doesn't give you the source, it's binary and script only. Source licenses (TGB Pro) are a little more expensive at $250.

So, in a way the performance issues from prototyping in Torquescript may well be an accurate reflection of the experience that non-source licensees can expect.

But still, TGB is awesome.


Hi, I'm the ex-intern who put the TGB demo together, so I can explain the stuttering :)

I did some silly things with the animation manager because of the time constraint and because I hadn't played with level changing before. Basically, when you hit an exploding brick before any others in a level, the game doesn't have any old animations to recycle and so it has to make a whole bunch (one for each brick that's exploding - and load a particle effect for it). It would be an easy thing to fix - but I decided to add the particles instead.

It was definitely less than 8 hours (if it wasn't I would have failed some midterms), and I was actually very suprised at how easy it was to do in TGB.

Some call me...Tim

Just stumbled across this page....my (albeit slanted) take on the different versions was very, well, different. Especially the Java version where they took more than the maximum 8 hours just to get it up and running, and then spent 8 more polishing--just to have something that (IMHO) didn't look as good as any of the rest.

And I don't know what you thought was clunky about the Playground version. I thought it was one of the cleanest versions, certainly better than the terribly clunky Flash version. Maybe you got the two confused?

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