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March 10, 2007



If we find Will, I will introduce you. Not that I will be able to find YOU. hey ran out of badges! So I can't get into any of the parties tonight. Text me if you want to go out and see other parts of Austin, tho. ;)


I found you :)


Ooh, you were on Dan's panel! Which sounds like an amusing form of trespassing...


What are those coloured objects in the first picture anyway?




Ah right, so they are. But since when did Lego have an s at the end?

The plural of Lego is Lego.


Americans universally say Legos, for in America the plural of Lego is Legos. Lego even gave up fighting this, so I think it's officially flexible now.


Will's great to meet actually, totally unintimidating in person since he's so damn friendly, modest and intelligent to chat with.


That wouldn't stop me dribbling on him.

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