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March 11, 2007



Actually, Maxis did have an office in Austin before being bought by EA, but they didn't work on the Sims games. Instead they made sadly unappreciated games like Marble Drop.


While they made the earlier Sim games, Maxis was based in the Bay Area--in Walnut Creek, just east of Berkeley, IIRC. Doesn't EA still have an Emeryville office (south of Berkeley)?

Maxis was originally in a garage in Moraga. Once SimCitgy went big,they moved to Theatre Square in Orinda, and evenatully, outgrew that place. Then they Moved to Walnut Creek before being bought by EA. Will Wrights group currently works out of and office in Emeryville.

If you play SimCity 2000, one of the mini malls was the former Orinda office.


Next time you're flying into San Francisco, look down. It's SimCitylicious.

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