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February 07, 2007



I picked up a Biolux AL for eighty quid on eBay last week, which also has a 200x USB camera, but goes up to 1280x with its non-USB lenses, and is a reasonably proper-looking low-end microscope, rather than the Duplo look they've got going on there. Glass slides and a cheap-but-cheerful wooden case, and everything.

You can apparently pick them up them for forty quid in Lidl, but there are a few going on eBay.


Working in the Pathology department of a university, where there are many USB microscopes, Firewire microscopes, and proprietary-connection microscopes, I am amused not by a USB microscope, but at your amusement with the idea of a USB microscope. :)X


Intel shipped one of these for kids back when they had a toy division. (like 7-8 years ago now IIRC)


It was suprisingly high quality. One of the engineers on my team used it to reverse engineer the Nintendo e-reader barcode format :-)

It was pretty advanced at the time, for a $99 product. You could do AVI's of mold growing on your bits of sandwich from yesterday's lunch :-)


I bought the Intel one 2 years ago for my kis off of ebay. The usb puts every thing on the monitor and lights from the top or bottom is you are useing a slide. The kids love it. I paid $35 usd 2 years ago and it Rocks....


Yep - we got one for my Dad. The software is a bit shonky, but it's a sweet bit of kit.

Papa Smurph

"Why the USB connection, I don't know, maybe it lights up."

No, the pictures are shown on a PC.

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