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February 06, 2007



I concur!

And I nab! ;)



Thanks for sharing it


Wow, this video almost makes all this bullshit feel relevent.

Did you know that humans also "mash-up" food in order to create "meals"? We're teaching the sauce pan!


I remember all the changes. I feel old.

I want HTML to come back, my websites used to feel special!!


I stole it, sent it to all my colleagues who were equally impressed. Needless to say I took all the credit for finding it......

Owe you one.


That is so awesome.


Thank you so much for sharing this - it's a little work of genius!


Thank you so much for sharing this - it's a little work of genius!


That is awesome and very true to some extent...but compared to the free spirited, outlaw frontier feel of the web from the mid to late nineties the web is less us and more them. Them being government and big business. You used to be able to do a web search and get tons of hits from personal web pages - and lots and lots of porn that had nothing to do with the search terms you used XD. I suppose now blogs have replaced personal web pages, but search results almost invariably are filled with links to retail sites. In the end it comes down to money I suppose, like it so often does :(

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