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February 10, 2007


blue cat

Yes, for a moment I got very excited, thinking Blizzard had some kind of ubersecret editing level (for 71s?). Looks like some kind of pirate server however.

He said, as if he knew what 'pirate server' meant.

(hello Alice, by the way)


I think the question is really, why didn't they just turn off the PC and go get some air or something instead?


Tom, you're just jealous ;)

James, I like your blog!

I was wondering whether somehow someone had filmed themselves and matted out the res- no. The boxes. Well maybe, it's very low res, you could feasibly ... could you? NNNNNGH.

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

It might be a private server. Some of that's done with video compositing, of course, but the physics are too precise for it all to have been comped.

It's possible that it was done with WoW Model Viewer, WoW Map Viewer and a lot of patience, too. But the jumps look a bit too close to WoW physics for that - if it was done that way, the guy who made it is *really* obsessive.


Wow, someone must have cobbled together a level editor and ran the results on a private server. The Mario elements were obviously composited in, but the rest of it appears to be in-game. That seems fairly obsessive to me.


I second the above comment ... obsessive. But it shows you what hardcore gamers will do when they're fans ....

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