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February 23, 2007



Another example is BG2, In the Underdark section. (this also is blacked out)
I actually felt bad for doing the dirty on Viconia, but it was my duty ;)

Also Link loves Epona...


all I can say is:

I Am Curious: DS


I'm so tickled by this idea of a WoW nudist beach. It'd be too funny.

So many opportunities for humour too. Maybe that's why there's also a strong lack of 'comedy' games, perhaps we're missing some key ingredients here.


(Actually, from what I've read, Japan has gone for sex games in a big way- I suspect the country's censorship laws have something to do with the appeal, however.)
In the U.S., with its Puritan values, violence is *always* more acceptable than sex or nudity (which is usually confused with sex, as well). If you look at the big game controversies, they've been about sexual content (in violent games); violence by itself doesn't get nearly the same reaction. Exposing children to violent play is an American tradition, but sexually active teenagers aren't supposed to even *hear* about sex, for example. Game makers know they can put all the semi-nude absurdly proportioned images of women in their games all they want, since that sort of exploitation is part of the mainstream culture. (The sexual objectification of men is off-limits, of course.) Actual sex or nudity would get them banned from so many stores, it'd be commercial suicide, however. (I think, ironically, the more emotionally mature the handling of sex, the more likely it is to be banned.) I can think of a few (non-American) games that had to be censored for U.S. release due to a bit of nudity. Commercial viability is probably the biggest stumbling block.

Video games are still widely seen as recreation for children, or at the very least as being kid-friendly. This attitude seems to hold true even amongst gamers to some degree. Traditionally, at least, this has actually been true, and the game industry is positively reactionary in sticking with tradition in terms of game design. Based on both the content of games and the major game companies I've seen the insides of, the industry is mired in fairly juvenile attitudes towards sex as well. I hate to say it, but most games don't display any real emotional complexity or maturity- certainly not enough to address sex in any way other than "huh huh huh, boobies." [I don't mean that as a comment on this blog, even if it does indicate something about at least some of the readers of the most popular article. ;) ] If that's the best the industry can come up with, then perhaps it's just as well that it doesn't try.


the advent of the 100%, totally immersive, neuro-connected interactive experience (e.g. Virtual Reality Matrix Styleee) will bring the end of violent video games because of 2 things:

1) Real death and bursting bodies scars you mentally

2) Everyone will be having sex with film stars and people they know. Continuously.

When you can't tell virtuality from reality, people will choose sex over violence in swarms - the only reason it's the other way around atm is that it's easier to show someone getting shot accross the room than it is to hook up someone's sense of touch and vision and convince them there's a hawt cheerleader slid... well you get the idea.

It reminds me of "I Dated a Robot", a futurama episode, where they get celebrity resembling robots and give up on life, just have sex til the earth is destroyed by aliens lol


Ps. Nice sim boobies, but i'm more of a bum man. Any chance? ;)

Seb Potter

Back in the late 90s I worked on a FMV game at Sierra called Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh, which featured the main bisexual character having a lot of sexual encounters. Strangely at the time the UK version was heavily cut due to the BBFC whereas the German and US versions were released uncut. Despite being a commercial failure it was actually a pretty fun puzzle game.

It's a real shame that - apart from one or two rare moments of sanity - the games industry still has such puerile attitudes towards sex.


Funny enough, that elf boobs post is still one of the highest referrers for our site, too.


No Brazilians in the Sims then?


Phantasmagoria... I had that, didn't the fella go mad after drinking wormwood and rape his wife (the player's character)?

Or is that another game I'm thinking of?

Javier Candeira

Actually, there is a big sex MMORGP, and it is called Second Life. Just read Warren Ellis's accounts, particularly Stop doing that to the cat. Good grief!


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how do you use this


Nice pics. how do u make them naked and stuff


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is this acctually a cheat or have you just fixed up the pic?


Is there a cheat to do that I know there is one in the first sims but what is the cheat for sims 2


but how can you get sims naked in sims 2??

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