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February 16, 2007


Jesse Morrison

Do you really think that people are getting into games now because it's become socially acceptable?

Honestly I had never thought about it from a marketing perspective, but now that I have it kind of horrifies me. I've always assumed that it's become more acceptable because games have been touching broader subjects and audiences.

But to think that people are only doing something because they don't feel ashamed of it is a sad realization. People should be enjoying something because they like it, not because everyone is overcoming their embarrassment.

Jesse Morrison

Again I would argue that while games are not becoming "better", they're being more innovative and varied. The DS is by the best example of this with titles like: Brain Age, Nintendogs, Hotel Dusk and Elite Beat Agents.

For example, my girlfriend's Mom bought a DS Lite after seeing us play Brain Age together. I don't think that it had anything to do with marketing in that case, instead she was interested in the idea of doing something good for her mind every day.


Euh. Nintendogs is not much of an improvement on Catz or Dogz that came out in, what, 1997?

Graphically, sure, but gameplay wise, some of the old ones can't be beat. Nope, I'm convinced that while there have been some innovations and evolutions, fundamentally gaming is only just shaking off the black-and-green killing machine image that gaming had previously, whereas these days it's all swoofy white curves, technicolor cuteness and ads in everyone's media.


I think it is partly because before it was mostly kids and teens playing games, and as such a lot of adults didn't think it was a mature thing to do.

Now that those kids have grown up and still play games, the older generation may take a look again and consider that there really is something going on they might enjoy.


There is an acceptance of games and games technology. It is known both as a big business , but it is also diversifying and making more types of games that suit more people.
My wife did not understand games until I showed her Sim City years ago. As an economist she then understood the draw.
Things like Second Life are exposing non gamers to ways of interacting, which may then bring them to games.
Consoles and handhelds are left lying around in houses now too. Not in teenagers bedrooms, so I am sure the odd parent has just picked it up to have a look.
Its the story that the DS brain traning game was invented becuase the boss of Nintendo said that he did not play games and challenged designers to make him one?

Anne Packrat

My husband has finally started playing console games again. He grew up with the Commodore 64 and is so used to moving the character with his right hand (instead of the left that the D-pad requires) that he found himself unable to adjust to any of the D-pad controller setups.

But now with the Wii he can play how he wants. He regularly plays Wii Golf, he's downloaded Alien Crush on the Virtual Console and he's looking forward to playing many games on the Wii in the years to come.

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