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February 19, 2007


Pirate Ben

Matt Jones

See you there, kiddo. Don't type too loud.


Heh, typepad doesn't seem to like asterisks, Ben-san.

And Matt, what a treat!


I won't be going, sadly. :-( Will be busy moving...!

Pirate Ben

How odd. I wrote "Put's hand up".


I'll be at both, wheee.

Jason Della Rocca

See you there!

Be sure to RSVP for the IGDA Members-Only Party on the Tuesday night:

Oh, and live-blogging the Choice Awards ceremony would be nifty :) Not sure you'd find a socket in there, though...


Justin Hall

I'll be there! At both of them - GDC and SXSW. And thanks to Jason just now, I'll be at the IGDA party. It's going to be a rich conference season - far-flung minds wandering between two American culture capitals. Hurrah!

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