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February 09, 2007


David Hayward

An interesting idea. I'm not sure altruism is a workable concept without the option to behave otherwise.


Quite. Like in Diplomacy-the-boardgame.


I think people should stop referencing evolutionary psychology until they actually know something about it, is what I think. This is the second time I've seen it (mis-)applied to (mis-)understand gender differences in regards to gaming, and both times were utter nonsense. That doesn't bode well for Winster, if that's the premise.

I do think the *idea* of cooperative casual gaming is solid- I played a board game ("Arkham Horror") recently that relied on cooperative play and was great fun. It would make a perfect online game. I'm just not so sure about the particular implementations at Winster, though.

Duncan Gough

Apparently women know how to accept misconfigured security certificates too.

I helped build something similar with chickstop.com, and in my experience it's better to build *games* for women than it is websites.


They aren't the only ones doing this. I just saw that www.iVillage.com has a gaming part of their website called Pogo. You should check it out.

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