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February 09, 2007



As an older gamer pushing 40 I had a really good handheld LED Battlestar Galactica (The original).
It was really good in its design and the spirit of it. Though by todays standards those LED games are rubbish.
I large red fire button in the centre.
I now need to go and root around in the attic to find it and take a photo.
I have been enjoying the 'remake' they seem to have a nice political edge. So a game, done well, will be great. Though very often they dont work do they ?


found picture of it here


Sorry messed that one up its here


LOVE the politics of BG remake. Truly great stuff.

I used to love those LED games, but the noises drove my mum bonkers.

Young Tami

I sure hope the game is awesome since I love the show & I hope it's multiplayer so my hubby & I can play together!

Drew Mayo

In gamedev, remember that announcing a game can happen at any point, including when the game is just a gleam in a designer's eye, to when QA have passed it fit for publishing :)

It's hypothetically possible that the game has been worked on for many months or years and is only now being announced.


Right, I've let it go for long enough Alice. It's Blade Runner - two seperate words. And yes, Adama was Gaff, demoted from when he was Crocket and Tubbs' boss in Miami Vice. And he's also been in Kojak, Starsky and Hutch, Hawaii-5-0 and CHiPs.


I like the fact Richard Hatch plays Tom Zarek in the new series of BSG, I was like "Wow, it's the old Appolo!" haha.

And yes, I knew Olmos was Gaff, Bladerunner is up there amongst my favourite films of all time.


LOL Dragon, you're right, sorry. Habit from seeing at as a youngster and never knowing how to spell it properly. Sorry to offend ;)

Duncan Gough

It's download only, it would seem, so maybe that helps get it done faster?


Pirate Ben

I worked on that BG game: it was made in conjunction with the mini-series/pilot and the cast were involved in it. It's not too bad a game actually ;)

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