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February 20, 2007



Don't buy the game. It's a disaster. Not just gameplay-wise, but also as a political satire. American McGee's idea of political commentary is making his main character pull down his pants and take a crap in the middle of the highway.

And that's just the intro. The rest of the game is just as dumb and crude.

My advice: stay away.


"Don't buy the game. It's a disaster"
It's really too bad to hear that about "Bad Day"- it would be nice to see some smart political commentary in a game, especially on this subject- it seems like a game that deals satirically with terrorism hysteria could really work well. I admit, however, that it would be hard to be more absurd than real life these days. For instance- about the same time the Boston ridiculousness was occurring, a street got shut down in a Californian city because there was a pile of white powder in the road. (Note to public- if you see some white powder, and you AREN'T in a bio-weapons lab, it ISN'T anthrax.)


I don't think American was the designer of Quake as much as a designer ... a junior designer IIRC.


From Wikipedia:

The game received abysmal reviews from nearly all gaming sites and publications. GameSpot gave it a 3.0, and called it "an abject failure."

IGN gave it a 2.7, saying that "it's terrible."

Metacritic gave it an aggregate score of 30 percent, while G4's X-Play gave it their lowest rating, a 1 out of 5.

Most critics also noted that the game's main attempt at funny, political satire also fell flat. PC Gamer gave it a 20, saying it was "so tasteless I needed to wash myself with lysol after playing the game". Gamespy "awarded" the title 'coaster of the year award for 2006'


Cripes. Ouch!

Re: Quake, wikipedia says he was the level designer. I just seem to remember only four names on the box, or credit leaders, but maybe that's the mists of time erasing everything but the memorable names...


Having just booted up Quake to take a look at the credits, he's listed as "Design" along with 3 others John Romero, Sandy Peterson and Tim Willets.

But Bad Day LA *stinks*. It's an awful game. Still better than Little Britain though :-)


According to Wikipedia, American was a level designer at Id, no more, no less.



All this bad press about Bad Day L.A., I actually enjoyed it.

It's really tasteless, sophomoric humor (Beavis and Butthead, more recent South Parks), but it was a fun play for me (short however). It's not a very polished game and there are a few bugs, but it occupied me for a day or two and made me giggle a couple of times.

If you aren't easily offended (the game pokes fun at a lot of sensitive areas, politics, race, religion) then it's worth picking up from the bargain bin in my opinion.

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