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January 07, 2007



At least they're starting to clue in? Maybe one day they won't treat the internet in the typical old media 'i'm a retarded ass' kind of way?


Yep, one can only hope.

Of course, something like this will cause kickback amongst the stalwarts who, if they see no actual threat, will be loath to change the status quo at *all* - especially at budget handout time.


"By offering them new ways to connect to their favorite shows—whether it's websites, podcasts, ringtones or other mobile features—we've been able to deepen the bond these fully connected viewers have with our programming.”

So in other words, they realized that by offering more creative forms of advertising for their programs online, more people watch the shows? I suppose some of the podcasts and websites may also offer some degree of 'bonus content,' but isn't that what they're essentially saying here? The advertisements may be more interactive, but they're still more or less ads (or at least that's how the networks seem to view them). The status quo doesn't seem to be changed in any significant way- not when compared to "user" created or remixed content. Streaming the programs online starts to shift things, but I get the impression the networks view that as advertising for the 'real shows' as well, rather than as a shake-up of their fundamental models, which is what it will be.


Strangely enough I find I'm watching less and less TV now I have Broadband. My other half still watches all of her soaps and plenty of stuff on UK Living though.

To me, Internet tie-ins to TV shows seem to be lacking, and often seem more like token efforts. Interactivity comes all too often in the form of polls, which really isn't particulary interactive in my opinion! I would say they're more interested in getting the ad revenue from the page hits than offering any real way to "deepen the bond".

The BBC's efforts with the likes of podcasting and the "listen again" feature (yes, that's radio rather than TV, I know) have caught my attention somewhat. Also, I may give Channel 4's 4OD service a shot soon to see how that pans out.

Let's face it, the only reason we want to embrace the new media is because it's still taking adorable little baby steps :-)

Onder Skall

There's no way this could include MMO players though. Hardcore gamers don't bother with digital cable. I have to believe that this is for non-gamers only!

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