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January 05, 2007



Perhaps the avatars do look a little clunky, but it does prompt me to actually open the beta invite that was certainly not sent to me and that i do not have sitting in my inbox but have been to busy to not open because it doesn't exist.


"WoW and SWG set a benchmark that are now 2 and what, 4? years old respectively; any new games should surpass these marks."

Ouch... the gaming public really *does* want the developers to immolate themselves on the rising pyre of sky-rocketing development costs. I know fear! ;)

Take care!



Warms the cockles :D


Hmm, fear AND immolation! And just think of what would happen to the computer industry if games didn't require a brand new computer every couple of years. I shudder to think.


The avatars look like they're having fun skating everywhere!

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