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January 07, 2007



Given the list of criteria, I'd have to say R2D2 is a straight Japanese male teen.


I thought it was well established that R2-D2 and C3PO were a gay couple.


Im not sure about R2-D2 but C3PO was Gay for sure.


Far from loving him, I always got the impression that R2 couldn't give a toss about C-3PO. He's always leaving 3PO on his own and shuffling off...


Boy, girl, gay, straight, who cares? R2D2's a tin can of pure love and compatible with all gender protocols.

Michael Heilemann

Dude's got a third leg... All I'm sayin'.


Male, There are female R2 units such as R4-P17 (Obi-Wan's droid at the start of Ep III)

How many nerd points is that worth?


Don't even go there.

Philipp Lenssen

Not to burst anyone's bubble but Artoo got a thing he plugs into the ship's motherboard every now and then.


ROFL, I think DJ wins the nerd cup there.

COurse, the star wars site refers to him as 'he' throughout too, but I thought I'd push some buttons.


Woohoo! Thx Alice...
Good start to the year, hopefully many more nerd points are to be gained:)


"THREEPIO: Uh, I'm quite sure you'll be very pleased with that one,
sir. He really is in first-class condition. I've worked with him
before. Here he comes."

c&p'd from: http://www.blueharvest.net/scoops/anh-script.shtml

That's the first of several times Threepio refers to R2 as "he". Honestly, it's in the canon, people...


oh, and Threepio's definitely gay, but I wonder if R2's really decided, despite the pressure from his companion.

DM Osbon

You have been 'tagged'. Please take a look over at my blog post:


Luke Skywalker the Whiny Farmboy

You guys are so mean. It's obvious that this type of droid is neither male nor female. R2D2 is a eunuch.


R2D2 is a tomboy. Boys always have a hardtime recognizing tomboys as actual girls. R2D2 is often in the women's changing rooms with all the other girls. C3PO is not. Also, R2D2 is not in love with C3PO- she "loves him like a brother". That's why she's been able to tolerate him this long. and, yes, R2D2 is C3PO's "beard".


It's a bloody robot. Stop trying to assign it a sex! There's more important things to consider, like was Luke REALLY interested in banging Leia? No wonder he looked so shell shocked when he discovered she was his sister.


In sex terms, it's a _thing_ of course. Artoo doesn't exactly have genitalia, nor any kind of reproductive organs. In gender terms, he's definitely male. That's what the script says, and on screen, Artoo was played by an all male team. You could just as well have asked if Bugs Bunny is a girl, given his predilection for pretty dresses, wigs and lipstick -- sorry, no way.

Also, Artoo does not love C3PO, he's taking advantage of C3PO. Yes, he's awesome at communicating -- with _machines_! When he tries to talk to human beings, he has no way of vocalizing their languages (that's one of the things he utilizes his servile friend for), and he's also rude and unsympathetic.

Lastly, I don't get the betrayal argument. You're saying that Artoo has to be female, because if he was a guy, he'd betray her? Why in the universe would he? They're on the same side, trying to destroy the empire. Not even Han lets Leia down, much less does he betray her. And why would being male make him more likely to double-cross a woman? That claim alone is questionable.


Mm, nex, you're missing the humourous intent of the original post now.


Nex does bring up an interesting aside- Bugs Bunny was clearly a drag queen. That was always part of his complex charm, I think, just as the gay couple dynamics of R2 and C3 made Star Wars more interesting.


Thanks for the clarification, Alice. I didn't really miss the humour (actually I thought that my impression of a Star Wars Nerd(tm) was funny, sorry that it came across so dry), it's just that when someone's practically begging me to play devil's advocate, I find it too hard to resist ;->


I'd just like to add: All you asshats who couldn't purchase a extra Wiimote at launchtime and bought Wii Play, then went on to try to sell the copy of the game (Brand new! sealed!) on eBay without the Wiimote are *****...


Hey R2D2
Star Wars and R2D2 and C-3PO is Super, fantastic and Funny!
Greetings Heinz on R2D2.

mike duke

GET A LIFE in episode 123 obi wan uses a lightsaber but get's shot i was wondering how this can be ? Please explain George Lucas

Mike Duke

I love startrek

mike duke

my name is mike duke
please some one talk to me
i belive r2d2 is a robot

Von Rojas

R2D2 is a straight guy, He is a male, as he is refered to as a he in all canonical prose, Have you seen R2D2 in bed with 3po, or sharing the same toothbrush, I thought not, And why?

Cause he is a God Damn robot. Although, The innuendo's towards R2 and 3po being gay are diffenetly there.

So, It is my conclusion that, Like the creation of the universe and the question does God exisit, The question of R2 being gay or not, Will go on forever unansweres.

But to answer the main question of this blog, R2 deffo male, no if's but's or anything, MALE, lmfao

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

I think that R2-D2 is in fact a MALE droid, because in the films he is refered to as a "he" many times...

I also think that C3PO is in fact GAY because of the way he acts, especially around R2-D2.

I think that Michael Heilmann (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) should get bonus nerd points or whatever for the rememberence of R4-P17's name...

SHE also has a third leg... Just saying...


R2-D2 is male. And a pimp. All the ladies love him!


C3PO is a pretty androgynous android. He's got to be metro.

he is a he

mike duke

im from new orleans


And with that, I'm closing this post's rather crazy comment thread :)


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