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January 07, 2007


David Hayward

Iain Simons wrote about an early demo of it for Gama, here:

I'd like to try it, though I suspect the fans would get really annoying. Especially if I'm writing notes ;)


Back when the Dual Shock controller was first released, InterAct (or some such third party) put out a wrist rumbler for people who wanted the rumble without buying a new controller. It wasn't that nice looking, more of an N64-Rumble-Pak-with-velcro-strap sort of thing, but same idea. It was like $15.


"...very, very short list."
That's always been the problem with these sorts of peripherals- no one supports them. There have been so many systems like this that quickly disappeared.
It's the eternal problem with computer peripherals- how many game developers are going to expend resources to include support for a given system in their game, especially when few people own the peripheral? How many people are going to buy a peripheral that has no games that support it? When you have idiosyncratic protocols to control unique effects with minor impacts on game play, like ambient light (how many developers are thinking about ambient light when they make their games?), it makes it extremely unlikely that the peripheral will be supported.
It sounds like fun (even if a gimmick), but if I were making development decisions, I wouldn't even consider it.

David Hayward

Introversion have partnered with Phillips and announced ambx versions of Defcon and Darwinia.

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