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December 04, 2006



My first thought on seeing google maps was that eventually someone would make an MMO based on real world data. That could be amazing.
Eventually someone will build an MMO that not only uses real world data, but overlaps it. Hardcore players will be wandering the streets in home-made armor, looking through "augmented-reality" goggles at castles that occupy the same space as real-word Wal-Marts. To get that "elite item" they'll have to actually travel to France, etc. It's so absurd I can see it actually happening.

Seb Potter

It's a fantastic idea - and with game engines like Torque Advanced supporting enormous landscapes constructed from GIS mapping data, perhaps not too far off. (I'd love to play a survival horror in locations that I know well.)

As for an MMO you could never hope to explore, Eve online's thousands of star systems would take years to fully explore. I have travelled through maybe 500 full-sized solar systems in the year or so I've been playing, and spent more than 5 minutes in about 100.


Does that bother you, Seb, or make the game more interesting, the fact that you'll never explore the whole thing?

Seb Potter

It doesn't bother me in the slightest - in fact I think it's probably one of the most compelling features of the game. I'm more worried about not being to visit every corner of the real world than I am a game.

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